Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Take a New Photo or Photos – Any topic

Cee says this week the topic is Take a New Photo or Photos – Any topic. She is leaving it to us to get out there and take some photos!

Today we went to a lovely garden for a walk and I though I usually prefer nature photos in color, I chose some of the ones I took today for the challenge in Black & White. Hope you like them!

Cee’s B & W

Weeky Photo Prompt: Resilient

Our Uncle Yakob, who lived a long and healthy life until his passing at the age of 107. Resilient he was, fleeing Poland at the onset of WWII, going to Germany, Italy, Panama and eventually finding his way to the United States. He lived his life with a positive outlook which we try to take a lesson from. uncleyakobthennow

My grandfather planted this tree when I was born, it was just a sapling at that time. It has grown these 59 years and still remains standing. Though my grandfather is gone 20 years, I had the opportunity a few years ago to visit his home and the present owners let me walk around and there I found the tree still standing.

Lisa Tree2
taken in the early 1970’s

The amazing Chickadee. Able to withstand the harsh winters of the Northeast, showing resilience through and through