The Selfie

I started going through the photos in my cell phone today- I try to “clean up” and delete what I don’t need taking up space in my phone or the duds. I usually do this while I am waiting in line at the grocery store, or at a Doctors appointment- passes the time. As I was going through today, I came upon these:

WP_001839WP_001838 WP_001837

Apparently, the last time my 6 year old grandson and I were together he decided it would be fun to take a few selfies with my phone, unbeknownst to me. Gave me a good laugh today. Love his creative use of a Snapple bottle as prop.

Why is it so much fun to take photos of ourselves? Do we really need to? Is it necessary to document every moment that occurs in our lives just because we can? Maybe so. There is something about being able to take a photo of yourself and either immediately share it with others, or be able to look at it yourself, study it. Is that really what I look like? Are those my roots showing? Why does my nose always come out so big?  

My BFF and I took this selfie way back in 1983 using a Polaroid Camera

selfieWe thought it was the funniest thing ever- to turn the camera with the lens facing us, and hope we would both end up coming out in the photo. We were amazed as we watched the Polaroid photo develop before our eyes- and there we were! Ahead of our time, I guess.