One Word Photo Challenge: Lake

What perfect timing for the word lake. Tuesday I spent the day with friends visiting another friend who lives on a lake. We sat under her covered dock all day and drank coffee and chatted. We watched the Blue Herons that flew gracefully by, and the subtle changing colors of autumn on the trees surrounding the lake. Blue skies above and water stretching out below. Nature in abundance.


Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world, hosted by Norm 2.0 . Feel free to join in on the fun by creating your own Thursday Doors post each week and then sharing it, between Thursday morning and Saturday noon.

These doors were taken in Montclair, New Jersey at the Howard Van Vleck House. Built in 1916 by Joseph Van Vleck, Jr, it recalls the classic architectural style of a Mediterranean villa. Joseph built it for his brother Charles who lived there until his death in 1923.

Looking through the front door

Thursday Doors

Which Way

The Main Street Bridge in Clinton, NJ, raised in 1870, is of special significance because of its early date and unique construction. Very few of its type, made with a combination of cast and wrought iron, a method used for only about 20 years, now survive in America. Designed by Francis C. Lowthorp and fabricated by William and Charles Cowin of Lambertville, it is based on the pony truss web system patented by Caleb Pratt in 1844. It features diagonal members in tension and simple pin joints. Its long service is a testament to its soundness of design, quality construction, and care of maintenance.

The bridge is also significant for its important role in carrying the former New Jersey Turnpike across the river, allowing commerce and trade to flow in and out of town to great advantage.

Which Way

Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past

The Kips mansion replicates a medieval Norman castle, and was constructed over a three-year period in the early 1900’s by Frederic Ellsworth Kip. Frederic was a wealthy textile inventor and industrialist who also published several books related to United States tariff laws. The exterior of the castle is constructed of local trap rock trimmed with sandstone. The interior of the castle consists of thirty rooms of varying shapes which include vaulted ceilings and six ornate fireplaces.The building and grounds fell into a state of dilapidation until a law firm  purchased the property in 1985, attempting to restore it. The property is now part of the Park System.

Traces of the Past