The Weekly Smile

Another day at the beach and more antics from the local seagulls. This guy actually went into someone’s bag that had been left unattended and made off with a bag of chips. He dropped it and someone returned it to the bag, but he went back and took it out again. I couldn’t stop laughing watching him persevere.

What made you smile?

The Weekly Smile

Black & White Sunday: After & Before

Paula’s Black & White Sunday invites us to post the same image both in black and white and in colour. AFTER and BEFORE -the topic and subject are entirely arbitrary. The only condition is that we post an image captured in colour and that we turn it monochrome in post processing.

I found the details in the black & white stood out more for me. I hadn’t noticed the whistle in his hand, or the stripes on her cap.

Naturally the color is more vivid, and there is a lot of color with the umbrellas, but the sky was cloudy and washed out, which lent itself to the black & white version. 

After & Before

The Weekly Smile

I have pretty much been smiling since school let out at the end of June. You would think I would have more time to catch up on reading the many blogs I follow and writing and participating in the photo challenges I love. Somehow that has not been the case. I have been meeting friends for coffee, catching up on taking care of things around the house, and food shopping on no particular schedule as when I am working. The beach is what makes me smile the most, and here is some of why. What made you smile this week?

Seagull over the ocean


A butterfly landing on our beach umbrellaOur new beach caddy that carries everything, and of course the man pushing it

and the zany seagulls that fear nothing and no one