Owls, Coyotes and Trees, Oh My

Sunday I visited Wave Hill , a 28-acre estate in the  Riverdale section of the Bronx, in New York City. It  consists of public horticultural gardens and a cultural center, all situated on the slopes overlooking the Hudson River. A friend and I spent the day there- attending two lectures and walking the grounds. One lecture was about the Coyote population in New York. Very informative and interesting. I had no idea there were families of Coyote living in the woods in the New York area. The other lecture was about Owls, and we were introduced to a Screech Owl- he had been hit by a car and now resides in a preserve. We also dissected owl pellets- Owls regurgitate what they have eaten, small oval pellets consisting of hair and fur and bones. I was a bit squeamish about it, but too fascinated not to do it.

The day wasn’t too cold, though it did flurry for a bit, but undeterred we walked through the grounds and ate our lunch overlooking the Hudson River with a view of the George Washington Bridge. The friend I went with is someone I work with whom I have gotten to know better over the past 2 years. We have much in common- we share a love of nature, of handwork such as knitting and crochet, we love to color and create. I consider myself fortunate to have connected with her, often as we get older those connections are few and far between. She is calm of nature, which I am not, but being with her slows the anxious, tense parts of me, which I welcome.

A wonderful way to spend a Sunday.20170205_145822



Vacation For A Day

Some people need to go on at least two vacations a year, minimum. They like to travel, they feel the need to get away from all the stress in their daily lives. Others don’t have stress but like to go away, see new places, be pampered. There is something nice about leaving a hotel room in the morning in a state of disarray, and coming back in the evening to find the bed made with a mint on the pillow.

I am not a big traveler. I enjoyed it when I was younger, no fear of flying, not minding a drive that took 7 hours, never giving a thought to who slept in a bed before me and what they might have left there.

My husband and I enjoy taking short trips on Sundays that serve as a mini getaways. Usually the places are not more than an hour and half drive from where we live. We spend the day exploring a different area, seeing new sights, and feel we have traveled far from home.

Yesterday we visited 28 acres of beautiful gardens overlooking the Hudson River in New York. Tucked away in the Riverdale section of the Bronx lay an oasis. The weather was perfect, warm but not hot, the sun shining, no humidity in the air, and quiet all around. We spent 3 hours walking the grounds, sitting for a bit, having lunch overlooking the river. There was an art project going on in the studio where you could create your own interpretation of a garden using all different mediums on construction paper. Not for kids only I might add!

Our drive home took 15 minutes and we felt as if we had been much farther away and gone for much longer than four hours. Sometimes a vacation does not mean you need to pack a suitcase. Just a small lunch and the right shoes and you are there.