Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Fountains

The Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial Fountain is an outdoor fountain designed by architect Charles A. Platt, located in Bryant Park in Manhattan, New York. Josephine Shaw Lowell was a social worker who founded the Charity Organization Society. According to the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, Shaw was the first female member of the New York State Board of Charities; the fountain marks the “first woman to be honored by a major monument” in the city. It is made of Stony Creek granite and bronze and was installed at the east side of Bryant Park in 1913. It was relocated to the west side of the park in 1936.

In 2009 the fountain was winterized with the installation of an internal electric heating system, enabling it to be left on in subzero temperatures and gather icicles. The fountain is switched off during extended cold spells to prevent enough ice gathering to cause structural damage. 

This photo was taken in January, in freezing temps with snow on the ground, so the electric system is working!