Thursday’s Special: July & August Recap

This week for Thursday’s Special, Paula asks us to compile our photos from July and August (not just the ones for her challenges, but from all). You may repost all of them, or your favourite ones. The reasons for this are purely selfish. With her holidays and being busy before and after them, she missed quite a lot of our work and would like to catch up in this convenient way.

Here I have chosen some of my favorites from July & August. Looking through them you will see I spent my summer out in nature and at the beach.

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Thursday’s Special

One Word Photo Challenge: Insect

I am not a lover of insects by any stretch of the imagination- I actually cannot stand the sight of most. They make me squirm and send shivers down my spine. However, Dragonflies and Butterflies, both insects, never bother me, I find their colors and markings like artwork, and their wings beautiful to behold. Here are some of the ones I have captured with the lens.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Take a New Photo or Photos – Any topic

Cee says this week the topic is Take a New Photo or Photos – Any topic. She is leaving it to us to get out there and take some photos!

Today we went to a lovely garden for a walk and I though I usually prefer nature photos in color, I chose some of the ones I took today for the challenge in Black & White. Hope you like them!

Cee’s B & W

Weekend Coffee Share

Good Morning! Come inside, it’s a bit muggy and overcast today, but at least the heat wave seems to have come to an end. Not that I minded- I happen to love the summer and don’t mind the heat at all. I’ve been on vacation since school ended in June, and enjoying my free time to catch up on things. I’ve been walking everyday, and last week took my camera along to a local park. Early morning is my favorite time of day, I’ll share some of my photos with you over coffee.

I am always on the lookout for birds and spotted a few along the way.

A Warbler- they are so tiny and fast I was happy to catch this one.Then two Goldfinches. People stopped as they saw me standing on the path taking pictures, amazed at their bright yellow color, and saying they would never have noticed them had I not been standing there. All you need to do is look around, there is so much to see!A Mockingbird seemed to be doing a dance on the path, trying to attract a mate I assumed.Success!

A Monarch Butterfly lingered long enough for me to watch him

As did this Swallowtail

And a Cloudless Sulphur

Always thrilled to capture a glimpse of a Great Blue Heron- this one was walking along looking for breakfastAnd this Cormorant was out catching the early sunBy this this time the sun was out in full force and I decided to head home to the errands that awaited me. I have been enjoying meeting friends for coffee and the slow pace of summer. And of course the ocean, where we have been going every week. I enjoy coloring while sitting looking and listening to the ocean waves, and the seagulls all around.

I highly recommend both the ocean and the coloring as means to completely relax and forget whatever else is going on your life!

Well I have enjoyed sharing my photos with you and catching up but the day is calling! Hope you are having a lovely weekend and doing whatever makes you happy!