How appropriate that the prompt today is Educateon this last day of summer break, the day before the new school year begins. I came upon a quote last week that I loved:

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.

The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

-William Arthur Ward

Working as an Assistant Teacher for six years now, I have had the opportunity to see different teaching styles in action. I found the quote holds so true, after witnessing those teachers who just tell and those who inspire. There is great import put on “differentiated learning” where I work, recognizing that not all children learn the same way. If one method doesn’t work, doesn’t reach a child, find another way to allow him to understand. I have found this approach to be rewarding, both for the student and myself- approaching a concept from a different direction, having to find that route that will allow me to reach the child and then his light bulb moment of “getting it” is a great feeling.

I will combine the daily prompt with my smile of the week, as they are connected.

The First Grade class I had last year was a special one, both the head teacher and I were very sad to say good bye at the end of the year. It was a very cohesive group, the boys looked out for one another, were eager to learn, and overall were just a pleasure to see everyday. Last week I had orientation for the upcoming year, and one afternoon as I was putting up a bulletin board I heard my name being called. It was three of the boys from last year’s class. I ran down the hall to greet them, all of us excited to see one another. Never missing the opportunity for a selfie, we took one together, which I later emailed to the mother of one of the boys. This child had needed a little extra help last year, and as a result the mother and I developed a close relationship. She emailed me back to say his seeing me was the highlight of his day, he was so excited. It was a feel good moment hearing that, knowing that the impression I made on this child in first grade was a positive one. On Saturday, there was a knock at my front door, and my husband called to me upstairs saying someone was here asking for Miss Lisa. I came down to find another student from last year standing there with his mother. She told me they were passing my house and he wanted to stop to say hello. She said he “had to” stop and say hello. Once again I was very touched, and continue to smile every time I think of it.

Educating is not just about disseminating information and teaching new concepts, how to add, subtract and spell but I believe also about fostering connections with students, handing over lessons of right and wrong, and taking a true interest in the student as a person.

I aspire to be that teacher that inspires.

The Weekly Smile

Another day at the beach and more antics from the local seagulls. This guy actually went into someone’s bag that had been left unattended and made off with a bag of chips. He dropped it and someone returned it to the bag, but he went back and took it out again. I couldn’t stop laughing watching him persevere.

What made you smile?

The Weekly Smile

The Weekly Smile

Yesterday my husband and I went to visit our Aunt, about an hours drive from where we live. Her husband, our Uncle, is in a nursing home at the moment, getting rehab to literally help get him back on his feet. She spends every afternoon there from 1 to 5, so we thought we’d take her out to lunch and then go visit for a bit with our Uncle. We also thought it would be a nice break for her to get out, eat out, and have a change of the routine.

We sat down in the restaurant and were handed the menus, which much to our surprise were not paper, but tablets. Like a Kindle or Ipad. This was a first for me. You could choose from a category and then scroll through the different dishes offered, with photo and description of each choice.

Did I mention my Aunt is 90? She does not seem like she is 90, I still think of her as someone in her late 60’s- she is constantly on the move, constantly coming, going, cooking, visiting her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She does not however, have any idea about the workings of a computer. We have suggested it many times over the years, but she has always been resistant. The menu sitting in front of her was a mystery, she looked at me dumbfounded and asked “now what?” I showed her all she had to do was tap the category and swipe left. She was amazed. Seeing the color photos of each meal made it even more fun and no guess work about what you were ordering.So my smile this week was my Aunt’s introduction to a tablet menu and seeing her enjoy learning how to use it.

What made you smile?

The Weekly Smile

My husband and I were sitting on a bench in a park yesterday, when a trio of ducks decided to come up from the pond and rest close to us.

It was very hot and two chose to lay down and cool off in the shade of the Weeping Willow

But one of them decided she was in a friendly mood, perhaps thinking we had something for her to eat, (which we didn’t) and ventured closer, 

and closer

and then closer…. until she was an arms length away,

looking at us as we spoke to her, because you know I talk to birds, ducks, any animal, assuming they understand what I am saying. She does look like she understood that I was telling her how pretty she was.

and then after about 5 minutes, she decided it was time to go, and off she went

It made me smile to see her so close up, her markings, small stripes on her head that grew larger down her body. She cocked her head a few times as I spoke which really made me smile. What made you smile this week?

The Weekly Smile

Tell Me Something Good-Weekly Smile

A Momma’s View says: Let’s kick off this week on a positive note. By sharing something good, something that made you happy or you are looking forward to .

So I’ll combine Trent’s Weekly Smile along with a Momma’s View and share what made me happy and smiley this past week.

My niece became engaged! Actually she is my great niece, and a great niece she is! She just passed her Nursing Boards and a few days later became engaged. She calls herself the Nurse Bride now.

The family got together to celebrate, where a good time was had by all. I saw two of my other great nieces, whom I have written about before, one is the Bride’s sister, the other a cousin. They are both 15 and we always have fun when we get together. So next step is the upcoming wedding in September, time to go shopping for a dress!

Here’s the Bride to Be and her 3 sisters- they are a very close knit bunch. The Bride is 2nd from the right.and here are my other nieces, we never miss the opportunity to take a selfie when we’re together

Now it’s your turn to tell me something good, and what made you smile this week!

The Weekly Smile

I have pretty much been smiling since school let out at the end of June. You would think I would have more time to catch up on reading the many blogs I follow and writing and participating in the photo challenges I love. Somehow that has not been the case. I have been meeting friends for coffee, catching up on taking care of things around the house, and food shopping on no particular schedule as when I am working. The beach is what makes me smile the most, and here is some of why. What made you smile this week?

Seagull over the ocean


A butterfly landing on our beach umbrellaOur new beach caddy that carries everything, and of course the man pushing it

and the zany seagulls that fear nothing and no one

The Weekly Smile

I was out for an early evening walk in a local park this week, camera hanging from my neck, always on the lookout for birds, when I thought I saw up ahead of me a very blue bird. I mean very blue. Like Parakeet Blue. As I came closer I saw my eyes had not deceived me, it was a Parakeet. I stopped to chat with the man sitting on the bench holding the Parakeet and he asked if I would like to hold his Parakeet. Of course! The bird’s name was Bernie Sanders and Ben, (Dad of Bernie) said he didn’t know what my political leanings were and hoped I wasn’t offended. That led into a conversation of the state of the States and how could it be possible 45 is running the country. We switched topics to find we had both graduated from the same High School, me in 1976, he in 2012. We talked about growing up in our town and he wanted to know the changes I had seen, seeing as I have never left. All the while Bernie was sitting patiently on my finger. A totally unexpected meeting that left me smiling as I walked back home. What made you smile this week?