The Meaning of Kindness- In First Grade

The head teacher I work with in our first grade class was absent Tuesday, so I took her place as the substitute. Our class has 18 boys, all between the ages of 6 and 7. I was prepared with plenty of worksheets, math, handwriting practice exercises, 2 books by our Author study, Kevin Henkes. (who if you are not familiar with, writes wonderful stories using mice as the main characters, teaching a subtle lesson with each story.) Also included during “snack & chat” was a discussion about kindness and what kindness and being kind means. Here were the thoughts my boys shared when I asked what being kind means:


Being friendly

Giving a hug if someone is sad


Being polite


Welcoming someone who is new

Visiting someone who is sick

Feeding animals

Playing with someone who is alone

Protecting the earth -being kind to it. (yes, I was blown away by that one)

Seems to me they’ve got it right. Words to live by.





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