First Day of School!

Today is the first day of school. It’s not just the kids who are nervous, the teachers are too! I am starting my mornings in a new grade with a new teacher, and know there will be a “learning curve” until we get into a routine with each other. I am looking forward to seeing my students from last year’s first grade who will not be n my 2nd grade class. Changes, but with some old familiar comforts.

Here I am with my brother and sister on the first day of school way back in 1967. I remember insisting on wearing that dress even though it was corduroy and the weather was too hot. My mother gave up on arguing with me and relented. She actually made that dress, and the dress my sister is wearing, with matching kerchief!  Hard to believe it was 50 years ago!

20 thoughts on “First Day of School!

  1. This back to school photo is so special and so great your mother was a fine seamstress, Lisa. I always wished my Mom had the embroidery stitching feature and used it on her sewing machine.
    I like you’re being spunky and standing up to your mother, by begging to wear this stylish dress. I like the collar and cuffs on yours. ❤
    I had a reversible jumper which had tan corduroy on one side and red bandanna fabric on the other side. I wore a white blouse or a blue turtleneck under it, which my Mom sewed.
    My favorite homemade dress she made for me was a pink dotted Swiss “poufy” one. A little like this but the bow was in the back. 👗
    I just found a beach terry cloth jacket with red, white and blue sailboats which Mom sweet matching ones for my brothers to wear as they came out of the lake, ocean or pool, Lisa! I should post it sometime, but summer’s over (basically!) ⛵


  2. I remember when New Year’s Day was the day after Labor Day. That’s when I got to take my new school supplies and my brand new leather shoes to school. Crackling leaves underfoot and the smell of fall. Some of the good memories 🙂


  3. have a great year with the kids ;o) I had a cast as I started school and I couldn’t wear the dress we bought for this day… rivers of tears, but there was no way to get the cast-arm through the sleeves… btw: I just put nearly the same dress on my wishlist at brandalley and I think I will buy it … it’s not corduroy, but the color and the cut is nearly the same …what a timing ;O)))


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