September is Here

It feels like Fall here already, the temps have dropped leaving a chill in the air, the sun rises later, and this past week I had 3 days of orientation for school. Absent from my blog this week not enough hours in the day it seems.Sad to see summer go, but looking forward to a new year beginning and new smiling faces coming into class. The summer was wonderful as I took advantage of my freedom by taking walks, taking photos of nature, and meeting friends I don’t see during the year. Changing seasons, new routines, some of the old “familiar” and some new things too that lie ahead. Looking forward…..while thinking of a great summer behind me to keep me going.

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10 thoughts on “September is Here

  1. You had a much deserved respite, Lisa. 🏖
    It is hard to juggle my increased work hours in summer, quite a contrast from when I taught or babysat while playing with my own children and a few friends’ children. 🌞
    Blogging still brings me joy, just in smaller doses while busy! I hope you start the school year with much renewed energy and joy to see the students once again! 💞


  2. It’s downright chilly up here. Today I wore a light jacket when I went out to the store. No more A/C. We are in that wonderful period between A/C and heat. I would love it if this time would go on for months 🙂 It lasts a little longer in NY than it does up here.


  3. I checked the weather this morning in my home town in Michigan, said the high temperature will be in the 60’s which seems a bit low for this time of year. Brrr


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