Thursday’s Special: July & August Recap

This week for Thursday’s Special, Paula asks us to compile our photos from July and August (not just the ones for her challenges, but from all). You may repost all of them, or your favourite ones. The reasons for this are purely selfish. With her holidays and being busy before and after them, she missed quite a lot of our work and would like to catch up in this convenient way.

Here I have chosen some of my favorites from July & August. Looking through them you will see I spent my summer out in nature and at the beach.

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Thursday’s Special

23 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: July & August Recap

  1. I have missed so much on your blog, Lisa. Thank you for meeting my strange request. I love all the captures: smiley faces – young and younger, beautiful landscapes, and critters. Your critters are wonderful. I particularly love that monochrome squirrel. That’s some capture!


    • Thanks Paula- I enjoyed looking back over my summer posts and photos- and was so glad to see how much of the outside world I had taken in. Now it is back to school within the confines of the walls and classroom. Quite a change.

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  2. I always enjoy splurging or feasting on your blog photographs, Lisa. The beach scenes are ones which tug on my heart. The red barn set back behind the field of pretty flowers is a great picture.


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