The Weekly Smile

Another day at the beach and more antics from the local seagulls. This guy actually went into someone’s bag that had been left unattended and made off with a bag of chips. He dropped it and someone returned it to the bag, but he went back and took it out again. I couldn’t stop laughing watching him persevere.

What made you smile?

The Weekly Smile

15 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

  1. They’re very aggressive going into bags, even grabbing food from someone’s hand. I’m always amazed that people leave their bags open and walk away. Must be newbies to the beach because anyone who has been there more than once has probably seen this.


    • no! someone finally took it away from him for the 3rd time and stuffed it deep into the person’s bag, and the seagull gave up. They let the potato chip owners know what had happened when they returned!

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  2. I guess, I should tell you that I have serious problems with seagulls. The book I’m publishing has a story about them. I’m surprised it wasn’t running off with a hot dog, or stealing a kids ice cream cone.


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