The Weekly Smile

Yesterday my husband and I went to visit our Aunt, about an hours drive from where we live. Her husband, our Uncle, is in a nursing home at the moment, getting rehab to literally help get him back on his feet. She spends every afternoon there from 1 to 5, so we thought we’d take her out to lunch and then go visit for a bit with our Uncle. We also thought it would be a nice break for her to get out, eat out, and have a change of the routine.

We sat down in the restaurant and were handed the menus, which much to our surprise were not paper, but tablets. Like a Kindle or Ipad. This was a first for me. You could choose from a category and then scroll through the different dishes offered, with photo and description of each choice.

Did I mention my Aunt is 90? She does not seem like she is 90, I still think of her as someone in her late 60’s- she is constantly on the move, constantly coming, going, cooking, visiting her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She does not however, have any idea about the workings of a computer. We have suggested it many times over the years, but she has always been resistant. The menu sitting in front of her was a mystery, she looked at me dumbfounded and asked “now what?” I showed her all she had to do was tap the category and swipe left. She was amazed. Seeing the color photos of each meal made it even more fun and no guess work about what you were ordering.So my smile this week was my Aunt’s introduction to a tablet menu and seeing her enjoy learning how to use it.

What made you smile?

22 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

  1. That’s pretty funny and she looks great for her age! I don’t think I’ve come across a tablet menu yet. She must have had fun with that. I wonder if it will entice her to get a tablet.


    • She really does look great for her age and is fast on her feet. She was stunned and amazed by it, but has no interest in getting one, which is a shame as it would connect her with her grandchildren who are all over. Oh well 🙂

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  2. I have not seen tablets for menus yet…though I suppose it’s inevitable…they can update the menu much easier, cheaper and faster. HOWEVER….there are some people that will be turned off by tablets. NOT YOUR AUNT! 🙂 She reminds me of husband’s aunt when she was 90, though I have to admit I doubt she would have touched the tablet. She’s 101 now, will turn 102 in September.


    • I guess it is so foreign to those who are not using cell phones and computers- where a 2 year old has some innate understanding of how to swipe a screen and what to do. I loved the photos in the menu!


  3. Soon the entire restaurant will be one giant computer, including robot cooking. You will walk in, they’ll scan your chip, know your food preferences, and order for you before you’ve even sat down.


  4. I haven’t seen that yet. I’ve seen tablets just about every where else, though. And a lot of restaurants have those kiosks that you can use, but I typically ignore. Anyway, I hope your aunt is doing well.


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