It’s Still Your Birthday, Even if You’re Gone

A post from last year on this date- posting it again in memory of my brother.

Today is my brother’s birthday. Or it would have been his birthday were he still alive, though I feel that just because he is gone does not make August 6th no longer his birthday. His age will forever remain at 54, but the date will forever be his birth date. He died by his own hand in February of 2015. I wrote about him on the first anniversary of his death here.He wasn’t married, had no children, and struggled so the last years of his life. Today I choose to remember him before all that, to think of him long ago before the demons set in. To remember him with rose colored glasses on, filtering out the sadness and anger. Remembering him with a smile.82802100-SLD-001-0015



23 thoughts on “It’s Still Your Birthday, Even if You’re Gone

  1. I remember how your post about your brother last year, his first birthday after his death, created a conversation between us. It was heartfelt and meaningful. So sad, will think about this for quite some time this week. Peace be with you, Lisa. 💕 🕊


  2. it is still his birthday and I send a hug to him today… happy birthday to your brother… it is a good way to remember the good times you had together… and it is great to see his smile … I’m grateful that this good times were real once… and I’m grateful that we can not look into our future, unable to know what sad things are waiting for us…


    • Thank you- I too am glad we cannot know the future, because sometime as it unfolds it is hard enough to deal with it in the then and now, but to know ahead one would never be able to function!


  3. My mom and I have been talking a lot about my brother who would have been 67 last week, on the fourth. He’s been gone since 1982, also by his own hand. Sending you a big hug.


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