17 thoughts on “Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Numbers: Anything with Numbers on It

  1. I noticed the one picture said 53 degrees. It either has to be an old picture, it’s in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, or you’ve moved to northern Canada. Here in Pennsylvania, its hot and muggy.


      • You’re welcome. Are you still on summer break? Please tell me you won’t be in with that same teacher again this year…


      • I am still on summer break and I will not be with that teacher, they took her out of 1st grade! She will be a resource room teacher, which is not great either as the children who need resource are the children she is the worst with.But at least it will only be for a short period of time, not 4 hours!Thanks for remembering and asking 🙂

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      • Wahoooooooo and ugh all at the same time. My little was in the resource room, good teachers in those classes are critical. Well, we’ll cross our fingers that those kiddos will have a good year anyway! I’m happy that your year will be less stressful. You’re welcome. I always think of how school is for you.


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