Day of the Seagulls

Going to the beach on a weekday is so different from going on the weekend. We arrived to find the beach mostly empty and as people did come, everyone had enough room to take a space without intruding on anyone else. I don’t know if it was the lack of people, but the beach was filled with seagulls all day, everywhere you looked. I have gotten used to them strolling by where I am sitting, but yesterday they lounged around right next us, sleeping and watching the surf. One bird kept swooping into the surf, who I later identified as a Common Tern. There were Muscle Shells galore that had washed in with the surf, so it was open Buffet all day. Here are some of the seagull sights I saw.

Common Tern

Common Tern on the lookout!

Laughing Gull


Fearless Oystercatcher foucsed on finding lunch as someone approaches

The Buffet is Open!

You lookin’ at me? This guy was sitting within  arms reach of me

And the Oystercatcher who never stops moving along the surf.

17 thoughts on “Day of the Seagulls

  1. This variety of seagulls is amazing, Lisa. I didn’t know the laughing gull’s name but I like its black, shiny feathered head and the speckled looking oystercatcher. 🙂 “Down by the seashore,” 🎶 birds just seem so free and usually “happy!”


    • It was the first time I had seen one ! He was amazing as he swooped in and up and down. Fascinating. I couldn’t believe he took a break and I was able to capture a still!!


  2. sigh…san diego childhood flashbacks!
    What beautiful photos. I loved them all especially the very last “frame” of the 2nd video!
    And the sound of those waves almost made me cry!
    (Don’t you just love all their knobby knees??)


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