Black & White Sunday: After & Before

Paula’s Black & White Sunday invites us to post the same image both in black and white and in colour. AFTER and BEFORE -the topic and subject are entirely arbitrary. The only condition is that we post an image captured in colour and that we turn it monochrome in post processing.

I found the details in the black & white stood out more for me. I hadn’t noticed the whistle in his hand, or the stripes on her cap.

Naturally the color is more vivid, and there is a lot of color with the umbrellas, but the sky was cloudy and washed out, which lent itself to the black & white version. 

After & Before

7 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: After & Before

  1. I love the way a mood or texture can change in a black and white picture. These are both great versions. I must say I do like the color combinations. It’s almost as if it was planned! 🤗


  2. I agree – the details are more noticeable and colour can be too distracting. That’s why black and white is great in street photography and portraits. Thank you for this entry, Lisa.


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