Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past

Traces of the Past is a recurrent photo challenge that happens every month. Paula says we are free to choose whatever traces of the past we can find. It does not have to be a distant one, or rich in history; it can be something personal, or it can even have a human form.

Old Westbury Gardens, located Long Island in New York, is the former estate of John Shaffer Phipps (1874โ€“1958), heir to a U.S. Steel fortune. Work on the estate began in 1903, when John Shaffer Phipps promised his British fiancรฉe Margarita he would build her a home in the United States that resembled her family estate in Battle Abbey, UK. The estate was ready for Phipps, his wife and their children in 1906. ย The mansion contains 23 rooms, and the grounds cover 160 acres. Below is Mrs. Phipps bathroom. In my opinion a very elegant trace of the past.

Traces of the Past

20 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past

  1. I love this shade of green, it’s so soothing. Beautifully decorated ๐Ÿ™‚ Speaking of tubs, I only soak my feet and use my tub as a shower :D.


  2. The entire Victorian period was impractical on every level. And even MORE cluttered than that. If it were truly Victorian, it would have at least a dozen large and small statues and some drooping plants. You probably wouldn’t have a carpet, but you wouldn’t be able to see the floor, so it wouldn’t matter.


  3. Ahh, sigh. This is so lovely and feels and look so familiar. Makes me really wonder about the whole Past Lives thing.

    Or maybe it’s just that in our recent move downstairs to the “college student apartment” in our house, to accommodate my son and two grandsons upstairs, I had to give up my bathroom. It had the sweetest little bathtub (no shower) and I took a soothing bath in it every day for that last 40 years. Sigh.

    Great photo.


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