Feathers on Friday: Oystercatcher

Last week while sitting near the shoreline at the beach, I heard a squawking that caught my attention. I looked up to see a bird with a long red bill running along in the surf. This was no Seagull. I grabbed my camera and walked closer to the edge of the water to capture some shots.

This beautiful bird is called an Oystercatcher. It is specialized in feeding on bivalves (oysters, clams, and mussels) and uses its brightly colored bill to get at them. Seen along the  Atlantic and Gulf Coast beaches, I was told by someone on the beach that they have nests under the boardwalk.

The name Oystercatcher was coined by Mark Catesby in 1731 as a common name for the North American species described as eating oysters. In 1843 this name was established as the preferred term, replacing the older name sea pie.

10 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday: Oystercatcher

  1. What a lovely birdie. We had them in the environment of our former house. Granny was fascinated about his beak. I could use one Oystercatcher as pawdicure…don’t know why
    I was thinking of that 😹 Pawkiss😚❤😻


  2. I’m with Dawn, never seen this bird before. Looks a bit like a Gull but with a huge bill and strong looking legs. Love the sound of the ocean in your video. ❤️


    • Yes I didn’t even realize until I saw the photo on my computer that he had a catch! He allowed me to get pretty close too- he was more intent on eating than the person snapping wildly with her camera 🙂


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