32 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Birds

  1. Oh my goodness, Lisa! I have a photo of a tree swallow, which we didn’t know it’s label. Thanks! It seemed so “exotic.” 🏵 I liked your bird collection. The immature great horned owl was so fluffy and “cute.” Thanks for sharing the birds! ❤


  2. Love the tree swallows, don’t think I have seen them before. We usually see the Welcome Swallow, I believe. Starling…very similar to ours in looks. It even looks like it could be as pesky as ours, which is not an Australian native bird. However, the Grackle….looks so much like the African starlings…which I thought much nicer than the those in Australia.


  3. These are beautiful, Lisa. I love that second photo: “Hi Lisa. Still here, huh?” The expression on that bird’s face cracks me up! I think it’s the eyes…..


  4. Really beautiful photos Lisa, your super good with your camera and those gorgeous birds. The second photo shows the bird staring directly at you!


    • Someone told me about a nest in a local preserve, I would never ever have known otherwise as it was in a tree hundreds of feet away. I was fortunate to be there at the right time when this one was hanging out and my zoom lens was able to catch him. I was thrilled!

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