Black & White Sunday: Playtime

For this week’s Black & Sunday, Paula says: It’s PLAYTIME! It’s a weekend after a long and tiring week and some fun is needed. Show me your toys, things you play with, some relaxing time.

I played miniature golf for the first time in my life a few years ago when we were at the NJ Shore. Most of my friends were incredulous that I had made it into my 50’s without ever having played the game. The course was set up like shore, shipwrecked ships, fish and a lighthouse. After the first few holes I got the hang of it and enjoyed playing right up to the 18th hole. Here’s my playtime.

21 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Playtime

  1. I play miniature golf with my grandies. It is fun and I don’t mind “cheating.” 😉
    My oldest daughter and her newlywed husband (7/7/17) are buying a house. We said, “We’ve got to buy a croquet set and Cornhole set!!” 🙂


  2. I’m always glad to see your happy faces 🙂 So what if you discovered it a bit late – that’s exactly the point – always being able to find something new to play and have fun with. You both look gorgeous 🙂


  3. I’ve only played a few times through the years, probably because these places are all located in resort areas. Which we aren’t. I once made a hole-in-one on a mini course. It was funny. I couldn’t find my ball, no matter where I looked. Finally, someone looked in the hole and there it was. It was the only “hole-in-one” of my life, mind you.


  4. It’s a fun game! My parents would take my sister and I to play often, that course went away long ago. Now there are houses on the land.


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