The beach season has arrived and the weather has cooperated so that we were able to go twice this week. An hour and 1/4 drive and we leave the suburbs behind and arrive on the NJ shore, where the streets are lined with small bungalows and houses with large wrap around front porches.

This year we joined the rest of the beach crowd and purchased a wonderful carry all that is made to wheel on the beach- rather than breaking our backs carrying everything ourselves. What a difference!! There’s a bar to hang our chairs, a spot for the umbrella on the side, and room to spare for the rest of our things. 

Yesterday the wind was wild- we sat near the water for about an hour until we had to seek refuge alongside the dunes which blocked out most of the wind and kept our umbrella from blowing inside out. I have been trying my hand at Sudoku puzzles, but I am really more of a crossword kind of girl. All those numbers and boxes and columns make me crazy, but slowly I am getting the hang of it, and time at the beach allows me to keep practicing. I am also still trying to capture shots of the seagulls in flight- and still failing miserably. These two must have been coasting slowly with the wind allowing me get them.

Blue skies and umbrellas
and of course iced coffee and this year’s wrist bands that show I paid to get on the beach!


19 thoughts on “Summertime…..

  1. It is an amazing carry all cart!
    Well worth it and although I don’t take an umbrella, I think one of these may be how taking the grandkids to the beach would be, “easy as pie!” 🙂
    But, have you ever thought pies are always easy to make? Pie crust is my downfall, Lisa.


  2. I think you’re dong a fab job capturing the sea gulls in flight. Looks like a wonderful day at the beach. 🙂 I grew up in New Jersey. The Jersey shore was my second home.


  3. Was difficult to read your post this morning…our temp was minus 5….really not beach weather. 😀😀😀😀😀 Still enjoy your beach weather for us also, please.


  4. Nice being so near the ocean! That’s the one thing I miss about living so far inland. The beach is only a few hours away, but it’s not close enough to go more than occasionally … and the Cape has gotten so crowded, that to get there on a weekend, you need to leave the week before!


    • I think I have always taken for granted how close we are to the ocean- both NJ and Long Island. It is a pity when places become so crowded it makes them a unwelcome destination like the Cape. The traffic and crowds can spoil the experience!

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  5. Your beach carry looks great! 😊 Wishing lots and lots of warm and ☀️days on the beach. Summer is glorious, but also very short.
    In Norway 🇳🇴 the weather is perfect at the moment, not too hot (but almost ) 😉
    Enjoy, have a great weekend,
    The Fab Four of Cley

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