The Weekly Smile

I was out for an early evening walk in a local park this week, camera hanging from my neck, always on the lookout for birds, when I thought I saw up ahead of me a very blue bird. I mean very blue. Like Parakeet Blue. As I came closer I saw my eyes had not deceived me, it was a Parakeet. I stopped to chat with the man sitting on the bench holding the Parakeet and he asked if I would like to hold his Parakeet. Of course! The bird’s name was Bernie Sanders and Ben, (Dad of Bernie) said he didn’t know what my political leanings were and hoped I wasn’t offended. That led into a conversation of the state of the States and how could it be possible 45 is running the country. We switched topics to find we had both graduated from the same High School, me in 1976, he in 2012. We talked about growing up in our town and he wanted to know the changes I had seen, seeing as I have never left. All the while Bernie was sitting patiently on my finger. A totally unexpected meeting that left me smiling as I walked back home. What made you smile this week?

23 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

  1. I am so happy you were able to capture this moment on your camera! Bernie is a good bird and such a pretty blue. Ben was so nice and friendly. You bring out the best in people, Lisa. 🙂 I cannot resist birds nor saying his color is almost a robin’s egg blue.


  2. It’s amazing how chance meetings like this happen in our lives, how fun for you both. I assume the bird has it’s wings clipped.


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