Song Lyric Sunday: Dance

This week the topic is Dance! I’ve chosen an old favorite of mine sung by Aztec Two Step. I started following them in 1972 and this song was on their third album released in 1976. They are still around and I saw them at a local venue a few years ago. Their upbeat folk sound and incredible guitar playing and harmonies still there. The following recording was made in 2007.


15 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: Dance

  1. Their sound is a bright one, with lovely voices and instrumentals, Lisa. The fact they still have great voices means they lived more “clean living” than other popular bands of this era. It has me wanting to get up and dance. 😀 I enjoy fun and lively music.


  2. I liked the bright sounding music which great instrumentals and voices, Lisa. 🎼🎶
    It does sound upbeat and very fun to listen to. Thanks for sharing the link, too. 🙂


  3. This was quite lively and brassy sounding guitars which I liked this song very much, Lisa. I bet you cannot help tapping your feet or getting up and bobbing with the beat! 🙂 🎶


  4. They played at my college. I worked the door so I got to hear most of it. Fun night, I bought their cassette of the album of the day. 😀


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