Sunny Gardens on a Rainy Monday

It is a dreary and cold Monday morning here. It is June but my heat has come on in the house a few times over the past week because the morning temps are so cold. Yesterday we caught the early sunshine of the day and visited a beautiful  garden on Long Island in New York. Here are some of the sights we saw that I will carry with me today as the rain is coming once again. Hope you have a sunny week!

18 thoughts on “Sunny Gardens on a Rainy Monday

  1. Love this garden! It’s so perfect with the brick wall as a backdrop! It has been so insanely busy, that I haven’t been on the computer much. Am happy you visited me! Have a great weekend – hopefully warm enough that you don’t need the heat on!


  2. These gardens in Long Island are stunning through your camera shots, Lisa.
    I always like old fashioned walls and trellises so the last gazebo photograph made me, “sigh!” So beautiful! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. 🌈


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