Which Way

The Main Street Bridge in Clinton, NJ, raised in 1870, is of special significance because of its early date and unique construction. Very few of its type, made with a combination of cast and wrought iron, a method used for only about 20 years, now survive in America. Designed by Francis C. Lowthorp and fabricated by William and Charles Cowin of Lambertville, it is based on the pony truss web system patented by Caleb Pratt in 1844. It features diagonal members in tension and simple pin joints. Its long service is a testament to its soundness of design, quality construction, and care of maintenance.

The bridge is also significant for its important role in carrying the former New Jersey Turnpike across the river, allowing commerce and trade to flow in and out of town to great advantage.

Which Way

19 thoughts on “Which Way

  1. Bridges really are beautiful and this one has some unique features. 1870’s is pretty old and long-standing.
    I like how bright the greens are and the new wooden beams which may smell new.
    Have a fun weekend, Lisa! xo


  2. ‘Former NJ Turnpike’–does NJ no longer have a turnpike? My house was across the street (and through the woods) from the Garden State Parkway. We used to peek out the windows to check traffic and gauge how late my dad would be coming home from work.
    What a beautiful bridge.


  3. Thanks for some New Jersey history! I grew up in southern New Jersey and lived for a while in Madison New Jersey so I am very familiar with the area you are talking about. But never knew about the bridge!


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