The Weekly Smile

My weekly smile came yesterday as I walked through one of my favorite local places not far from my home. There were Barn Swallows swooping and darting around me, landing to pick up sticks and mud to build nests. Two Geese meandered by with their one little gosling between them. I spotted a duck I had never seen before, later looking him up and finding out he was a Common Goldeneye. Two Cormorants sat sunning themselves on a log in the river. So many smiles all at 8:30 on a warm, blue skied, Sunday morning.

What made you smile this week?

18 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

    • They are awesome to watch!!I pulled up the ustream today on the Smart Board in my 1st grade class since we were learning about American symbols and the Bald Eagle is one-and they were awed. As luck would have it they were doing close ups – it was great!!!


      • Oh wow. Perfect timing. I love that close up camera work. Truly a miraculous experience! Be forewarned though. Watching for that first fledged can be really addicting and sad too. The first year I watched, that empty nest after they were all gone really got to me.


    • Thanks so much- we live in New Jersey. People judge it by the NJ Turnpike which is awful- there are beautiful areas all through it. The place I took these photos is a mile from my home 🙂

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  1. Such a wonderful walk Lisa! The duck is beautiful, I love ducks! I took another quick ride into Calico Basin late today and had to slam the brakes on as a tiny, very young long ear baby rabbit ran to the edge of the road. Noooo!! He stopped at the edge briefly before turning and running for the Creosote bushes. He soooo cute!!


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