22 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Maternal

  1. This was beautiful. The love in these photos shines through. Every mothers’ hands instinctively reaching for or around or simply touching their descendants. So protective and endearing.


  2. I can feel so much love from these captures. A gallery of fine women and unbreakable bonds. Beautiful and so very special. Thank you, Lisa. This is touching. Have a great week!


    • I am glad you liked it Paula. Seeing the generations is always interesting- no matter if you knew them or not. Black & white is a perfect setting. Have a good week


  3. Beauty runs in your family, dear Lisa! This is an heirloom post, just golden in every way.
    I enjoyed looking at the one on one photographs which are so hard to find in my album.
    If Mom were all dressed up, it was either somebody took photo of all five of us, three kids and my parents or it was all of the kids with my Mom. I accidentally continued this; so it is really rare to find one child with just me in the picture!
    Hope this day is blessed with happy memories and time shared with loved ones. You have a wonderful husband who is special, which is another special blessing. 💗


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