The Weekly Smile

I spent Sunday afternoon sitting in the backyard of a friend  drinking multiple cups of coffee. It was so peaceful, watching the birds come to the feeder, taking in the beauty in her backyard,  and seeing how beautifully her two grandchildren sat and colored together. Her grandson is 5 and granddaughter 3, and they shared the markers so nicely, he showing her how to write her name, and then her trying it. I asked my friend if they are always like this and she said they do play nicely and for the most part are calm of nature. My weekly smile, sharing an afternoon like this and taking in how nicely two siblings got along.

The Weekly Smile

36 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

  1. I hope that peaceful relationship continues throughout their lives. My sister and I had a volatile relationship with moments of peace. And even though she has been gone for over ten years, I still remember the feelings, the emotions, as if they are still current.


  2. Aww, this time with your friend and her grandchildren was well spent. I can imagine it would be so much fun and relaxing. This is a great idea for the weekly smile, Lisa. 🙂 😀


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