10 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. They look like quite an interesting and possibly intimidating group of large cormorants! Just was trying to think of a funny comment if we could “listen in” on their conversation, Lisa.


  2. Great pictures of birds I have never seen other than in pictures. Thank you for stopping by my blog…I had lost track of you somehow but am back following you now. I love your photography. Hugs


  3. Cormorants are one of the birds that are pushing other birds off the waterfront. They drove the eagles out of Martha’s Vineyard. A lot of people got upset about it, but the bird people said it was a natural event and the birds would find homes in other places. Which they have done, especially along the rivers inland where cormorants don’t go.

    Cormorants are powerful fishers. Other birds that fish get pushed out of the area. But they are interesting to watch and as the bird folks kept telling us, it’s a natural event … one species pressuring another.


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