Feathers on Friday

Say hello to the Palm Warbler. 

I saw him moving around in the grass, and knew it was a bird I had never seen before. He was pretty quick but I managed to capture a shot of him. This brownish-olive bird has a bright rusty cap and a bold pale eyebrow stripe. The Palm Warbler is a warbler that doesn’t act like one, according to Cornell Lab of Ornithology. They spend their time walking on the ground, wagging their tail up and down. Which is exactly where I first spotted him. They mainly forage on open ground or in low vegetation, rather than in the forest canopy as many warblers do. This one was kind enough to fly up onto a pole allowing me a better view and the opportunity to take his photo once again.

A new addition to my list of birds!

11 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday

  1. He (or she) is lovely! I think I’ve seen a palm warbler in my neck of the woods too. Hard to tell – suddenly New England is awash with hundreds of beautiful colored, singing birds. My windows are open 24/7 to soak in the sounds.


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