Surprises Around the Corner….My Weekly Smile

I was walking along my favorite trail a few days ago, when as I rounded a corner I passed a woman and we both did a double take at the same time. I asked if her name was Mrs. Fatell and she replied “Oui” and I said she had been my French Teacher when I was in 7th grade in 1970. She said I had looked familiar to her too, which was why she had hesitated. She is still living in the neighborhood though no longer teaching. We shared some familiar names from those days and she told me about her teaching career after I had left the school where she taught. She was born in France but has now lived here longer than there. It was so nice catching up and I told her she had given me a good foundation in French as even today I am able to still understand a bit and can construct a sentence. She was glad to hear it. We exchanged email addresses and said au revoir- until we meet again!

I continued on and came to another bend in the trail, where as I rounded it I was met with this deer’s eyes upon me, and he or she making no effort to move as I approached, which surprised me

I waited and finally said “good bye!” to which he slowly meandered into the reeds. 

I smiled as I continued on my walk, happy for both surprises I had been met with that day. What made you smile this week?

18 thoughts on “Surprises Around the Corner….My Weekly Smile

  1. So neat to meet your French teacher! She looks French! 🙂 I took French for 2 years in high school. I was terrible at it. But I can read a little bit, mostly because it’s similar enough to English that I can get by. And I remember some key words. So that helped when we traveled in Quebec a couple of years ago.

    The deer was pretty. Isn’t it cool when they stand and look at you unafraid? It’s like they have some connection with you. Or are looking for food, one or the other.

    What makes me smile? Well, this morning it’s already 63 and the birds are singing so loud on the feeders. I have the door open and it’s just wonderful. I think it’s going to be a smiling all day kind of day.


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