A Song A Day: Day 4

Thank you to my friend, The Happy Quitter, who put me up (set me up) to participate in the A-Song-A-Day-Challenge.  Here are the rules in my friend’s words: “You post some of your favorite song lyrics for five days in a row, preferably with a video -if available. Then, you think about two bloggers who have pissed you off lately, and nominate them to participate as well. Just kidding! The chosen ones then have the choice and can take part -if they wish- or crush my little heart.”

Okay- I’m in my friend. I invite anyone in the mood to share some of their favorites and post them so we can all enjoy them too.

John Gorka is a contemporary American folk musician. In 1991, Rolling Stone magazine called him “the preeminent male singer-songwriter of what has been dubbed the New Folk Movement. I started following him around the time, when his album Land of the Bottom Line was released. He played many of the small venues near where I lived and my BFF and I would go to see him perform. He was playing locally again a few years ago and we decided to go to see him and he did not disappoint even though it was over 20 years later! The following song was one of my favorites then and is still now.

I didn’t know where to look for you last night
I didn’t know where to find you
I didn’t know how I could touch that light
That’s always gathering behind you

I didn’t know that I would find a way
To find you in the morning
But love can pull you out of yesterday
As it takes you without warning

I want to be a long time friend to you
I want to be a long time known
Not one of your memory’s used-to-bes
A summer’s fading song

It’s from me, it’s to you
For your eyes
It’s a weight, a wonder that is wise
I am here, you are there
Love is our cross to bear

I know I’ll think of us upon that hill
With the golden moon arising
And the stars will fall around us still
While the love is realizing

And so it is until we meet again
And I throw my arms around you
You can count the gray hairs in my head
I’ll still be thankful that I found you

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