Black & White Sunday: Traces of the Past

Glenview is a river home with a past that first began with its building in 1876, built by New York City financier John Bond Trevor (1820 – 1890) Glenview’s twenty-four rooms were outfitted with the modern conveniences of indoor plumbing, gas lighting, and a huge coal-burning furnace. Trevor’s wife and daughter lived in the house until Mrs. Trevor’s death in 1922. The house was put up for sale, many of its contents sold at auction. The house, itself, was sold to the City of Yonkers, in New York, and opened as the Yonkers Museum of Science and the Arts in 1924, renamed The Hudson River Museum of Yonkers in 1948 and, then, renamed, again, The Hudson River Museum of Westchester. In the 1960s, the Museum began to restore the home as an historic residence that showed life in a home of the Gilded Age. I visited the museum last year and have chosen it for Traces of the Past this week. The museum sits overlooking the Hudson River with sweeping views of the Palisades in New Jersey across from it.

Traces of the Past

14 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Traces of the Past

  1. It’s not easy to capture interiors, but you did fine, Lisa. A couple of inviting views. It’s a shame I don’t live nearby, cause I would surely visit. I hope to see a view over the Hudson river in some other post too. Have a great week!


  2. quite a history here… I would love to see this in person – but your post was a nice taste of it – and the stairs shot with that painting is my fav….


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