A Song A Day: Day 3

Thank you to my friend, The Happy Quitter, who put me up (set me up) to participate in the A-Song-A-Day-Challenge.  Here are the rules in my friend’s words: “You post some of your favorite song lyrics for five days in a row, preferably with a video -if available. Then, you think about two bloggers who have pissed you off lately, and nominate them to participate as well. Just kidding! The chosen ones then have the choice and can take part -if they wish- or crush my little heart.”

Okay- I’m in my friend. I invite anyone in the mood to share some of their favorites and post them so we can all enjoy them too.

I am a lover of the music app Shazam, which allows you to find out the name of a song you hear, wherever you are-by tapping the app. I wrote a blog about it when I first discovered the app, you can read it hereI was shopping when I heard a song playing in the store that I liked, so I “shazamed” it and the name Austin Plaine appeared with the name of the song, “Never Come Back Again.”

According to his website, Austin Paine was born in Fargo, ND and raised in Minnesota, his music is seeded in storytelling. Austin was intrigued to find a guitar that belonged to his grandfather in a family closet. At age 13, with the help of his cousin, Austin learned his first chords and dove straight into songwriting. Taking inspiration from artists like Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, and Ryan Adams, Austin tells emotional, inspirational and personal stories about love, exploring the world and living life to the fullest. His raw, concise lyrics and beautiful melodies have proven to be a sound track to TV shows and commercials. Mastercard licensed his song “Beautiful” for a heartfelt ad at the end of 2014. The song was also featured in a key, uplifting moment in an episode of The Biggest Loser.

I love the mellowness of the song, his voice, and am always happy to listen on my “cool down” part of my walk on the way home.

8 thoughts on “A Song A Day: Day 3

  1. Really good idea, it can introduce people to some good music 🙂 having been a fan of Elliott Smith and Bob Dylan I really enjoyed this guy. I will check out more of his music. Thank you so much 🙂


    • Sharing songs is a great way to hear new music I agree. His other songs are folksy and easy to listen to- I like his voice! Feel free to join in- I didn’t want to “nominate” or obligate anyone, but it would be great if you do it too!!

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