Feathers on Friday

The great black-backed gull, also known as the greater black-backed gull or, informally, as the black-back, is the largest member of the gull family, and is the largest gull in the world. The adult great black-backed gull has a white head, neck and underparts, dark grey wings and back, pink legs and yellow bill. The adult great black-backed gull is fairly distinctive, as no other very large gull with blackish coloration on its upper-wings generally occurs in the North Atlantic. The legs are pinkish, and the bill is yellow or yellow-pink with some orange or red near tip of lower bill.  The maximum recorded age for a wild great black-backed gull is 27.

The great black is fairly common to the area I live in and I have been fortunate to capture photos of them. I always marvel at how large they are-as big as a small dog!

Feathers on Friday

18 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday

  1. Beautiful!

    I’d like to contribute sometime to Feathers on Friday. Is that a possibility? Yesterday, I heard our frequent neighborhood visitors (as of late) out in front of my house again…Bald Eagles! Perched at the very top of my biggest tree, watching the sunset, just like that scene in City of Angels.

    The best shot I got though was the first frame in the video I took of one of them flying away and I can’t figure out how to capture just that frame!

    Beautiful birds, Lisa!


    • Feathers on Friday is not my challenge- someone started doing it but then it seemed to disappear so I just started making posts on Friday of my feathered friends!! For sure you should post your captures- use the hastag feathersonfriday so others will see it in case there are others out there like you and me!! Did you see the baby eagles????? OMG they are too adorable. #3 was born today!!


  2. You really have rocketed to the top of the pile of people who photograph birds. Those are great pictures. And it’s hard to find the big black-backed gulls. The smaller gulls have pushed them out.


    • Thanks Marilyn- I started an Instagram with many of my photos but then I see what other people are taking and I feel like it’s back to the drawing board!! I didn’t even know what these gulls were until my friend who is the President of the local Audubon chapter saw my post on Facebook and told me!!


  3. I would be happy to have a photo like this in my collection. Fabulous, Lisa. Have a great weekend with plenty of rest and fun and more creative shots!


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