Singing Spring

This beautiful Robin sat singing in a tree as I walked by on Monday afternoon. Sitting amid the buds of Spring he was most likely looking for a mate.

A Song Sparrow was calling out too- all puffed up to show off his feathers

The sounds of Spring in the air!

20 thoughts on “Singing Spring

  1. Those birds have personalities, Lisa. The male robin does seem to be trying to attract a mate while singing his heart out! 😉
    The sparrow was so cute and didn’t seem anything but fluffy and sweet. Those feathers and markings were so clear, Lisa!


  2. You always make so beautiful pictures of the birdies, DM, and you also caption them very well. Granny makes pictures of the birdies and I can’t hardly see them. Always need a prescription when she shows them to me…sigh… Extra Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤
    Btw I think the birdie was singing for you 😉


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