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Does your first or middle name have any significance (or were you named after another family member)?

My mother chose my first name because she liked it and at the time it was not a common name. Apparently many other women thought so too as there were always 2 or 3 of us in every class I was in throughout school. My middle name is Pauline, my mother’s name and my maternal great grandmother’s name.

Music or silence while working?

Usually silence unless I am doing something at the computer in which case I may put something low on in the background.

If you had a special place for your three most special possessions (not including photos, electronics, people or animals), what would they be?

I have begun to rid myself of possessions that seemed to be possessing me as I grow older. I can’t bring myself to parting with certain things my father gave me that have very sentimental value and remind me of him. To name my 3 most special is hard- probably the jewelry my husband has given me over the years.

The Never List: What are things you know you never will do?

Bungee jump, sky dive, and go on a cruise

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21 thoughts on “Sharing My World

  1. I have a few possessions I treasure. The family is one I couldn’t live without so maybe I could be fine if all I had were the people in my life. Thanks for sharing where your middle name came from. I had a special high school friend who was my college roommate, her name was Felicia. She and i are still close but she has gone by Lisa since she felt people weren’t as nice to her with her original name. My youngest daughter was born in December so when my ex-husband heard Feliz Navidad on the radio he wanted her to be called Felicia. So funny, since she likes her name a lot! 🙂 (She laughs at me since I wanted her to reflect my German heritage and I had named her Gretchen before she was born.)


  2. Glad to know a bit more about you, Lisa. I am certain I won’t do the first two things you listed too. Gorgeous women run in your family!


  3. Great answers. I should have joined in this week but I was swamped at work. Still am. Maybe because I’d rather get on wordpress than do any real work. My grandfather’s name was Emilio. My father’s older brother was Pasquale. Hence, the name.


  4. I had to laugh about the cruise. You can’t get me on one of these swimming hotels either. I think you are the first one I know who doesn’t like cruises either. “Yeah, I am not alone.”


  5. I agree with your nevers… I once had to do a bungee jump, it was horrible… never again….;o)
    My mother thought the same about my name … and then we were 4 with the same name in one class ;o))


  6. I was named after my beloved Paternal Grandmother. A woman I remember with many fond memories. One about how she always had two cookie canisters filled with Vanilla Wafers, and Oreos. She gladly shared them with her visiting grandchildren along with a big glass of milk.


  7. Gah!!! Your ‘nevers’ are mine, also. Out on a ‘boat’ where you cannot even see a speck of land? And I should have fun?! I don’t think so.


  8. Music helps me work. Loud and engaging music to keep me awake at night. Soothing in the mornings.

    3 most special things – my Bible, my family’s photo albums,my childhood memories

    #theneverlist – give up on a goal due to a minor setback, give up on a goal due to a major setback, eat raw meat.


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