One Heart

I am sharing the following post written by my cousin, you can find the original here. An uplifting song written and sung by her daughter (and her band Iridesense) She writes; One Heart is all about diversity, and acceptance. It explores the reality of our differences. We all look differently on the outside. Different hair color, skin color, eye color. We even like different things. That’s not what’s most important. If you look at who we truly are, at our core, we are all the same. We need to spread this message to children, and to the world. Especially now when everyone is taking sides. Politically, religiously, etc. We are a multicultural world. Our differences on the outside make us unique, but our hearts need to be unified. One heart. It is also being made into an illustrated book for children.

I have used some of my photos as a backdrop for the song, depicting our outward differences, which often we are judged by, but should not be. Others show the love between people despite their differences. One heart.




17 thoughts on “One Heart

  1. This is an excellent recording with great time, voices and lovely country sound to this. It could be on a popular country album. The song has such a nice meaning. “Everyone has one heart in a better world,” “recreate the Unity”. . . . “Love for everyone.” Such sweet highnotes in tune and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. ❤


    • Glad you liked it! My cousins are all very talented,beautiful voices run on my father’s side of the family. It is a pleasure she has taken it into a public forum!


  2. What a wonderful video! It made me tear up a little with the picture at the end. I appreciate you spreading the word. I can only hope more people hear my song, and feel inspired by it. Sending you positive vibes!

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  3. Nice song, nice performance, nice video. Congratulations. Noted the piano tuner – my father’s profession in Bergen Counrty 50 to 25 years ago!. M 🙂


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