Black & White Sunday: After & Before

Paula has invited us to show after and before:  show the same photo, regardless of the subject, in both monochrome and colour.

It is a gray, cloudy and cold day today. Spring has chosen not to make an appearance just yet. I ventured out anyway and took these photos. I liked the different textures in the first photo, the hay in front, the reeds behind and then the trees and clouds in the distance



I liked the reflections in the water below, the logs and algae. This body of water curves leaving us wondering where it goes



After & Before

13 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: After & Before

  1. Funny how each person’s taste is different, Lisa. I liked the first one in color due to the golden color of tall grasses. The second one was strange before I read your comments, I was about to say, “under these waters could hide a dead body!” Isadora felt this could be on a mystery book. Yikes!


  2. Lisa, I am overwhelmed with your offerings today. I like this one even better. Sometimes overcast day are good setting for excellent shots. These are very nice.. for me a bit nicer in monochrome. Have a good, productive and calm week!


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