The Changing Seasons: March 2017

The days began to grow longer, still light out at 5 pm when my work day ends…

Shadows growing longer

The first Robin appeared, a harbinger of Spring

And a Crocus shot up through the ground because the weather had turned so warm

The Eagles were still around, not ready to fly North just yet, even though the weather was warm

And the call of the Red Winged Blackbirds could be heard, once again signaling a change of seasons

But then we went from this

To this

Today is the first day of spring and it surely has not sprung here yet.

The Changing Seasons

25 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons: March 2017

  1. This was an extraordinary collection of photos, Lisa! Love the words you chose to describe Spring! Now, winter photos are fine but as long as they aren’t still present in our lives! 😉


  2. Such a wealth of bird specie in your area. The idea of the “first” day of spring is a bit out of step with the real weather patterns.


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