Invasion of the Grackles

We had a blizzard yesterday. It snowed and sleeted and the wind whipped around endlessly moving the snow from here to there. The official count was 10 inches, but because of the drifts it was much deeper in some places. I fed the birds throughout the day, they never stopped coming. A flock of Grackles showed up, there must have been 30 of them first hanging out in the top of a tree and then flying in for some eats. Grackles travel in flocks and like to dominate at feeders. I think they are beautiful despite their bossiness. I wrote about them previously hereI captured a few of them with my camera as they flew down from the tree, their purplish iridescent bodies standing out in contrast with the snow. They hung around for about an hour and then all flew off  together in search of a new backyard. 

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