Black & White Sunday: Countryside

This week Paula has asked us to post a photograph (or several) of a countryside which may, but does not have to, contain buildings or structures of some kind.

My best friend lives an hour West of me, out in the country. These are some of the sights I see when I go to visit. A lot of open land and open road as compared to my suburb lined with houses.


23 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Countryside

  1. Where is this? Lovely countryside, Smashing photos. Whenever I see an abandoned house like the one in your first picture, I always want to stop and go inside to see evidence of past lives. Thanks for sharing these photos.


  2. Miss the country. Live in a bustling city. Miss the sea coast, miss the sound of crashing waves, miss the rolling hills, miss the fresh air, miss the cliffs … Miss the country.


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