37 thoughts on “Feathers On Friday

  1. This was such a great idea, Lisa! Showing us each bird’s back with feathers so neatly folded reminded me of how when I ask the girls and boys (grandchildren) to fold their hands. It helps me to have them not wiggling so much. Less retakes, ha ha!


  2. I love these. I love all your bird photos. I take so many photos of birds myself that I have a collection of (accidental) bird butts. Hmmm, maybe a post??

    I love that we have birds (especially Eagles) in common.


  3. I’ve always loved the colors and patterns on the backs of blue jays and goldfinches. And your goldfinches are TURNING YELLOW!!!! I wonder if mine up in Michigan are. I don’t see any down here in Alabama, but the neighbors here tell me we have them here. Probably they’re still drab olive green so that I don’t notice them among the bluebirds and other pretty birds hopping in the trees and the yard here.


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