Spring is NOT in the Air

I woke up this morning, checked the weather and was greeted with this:
feels like 0°
H 39° / L 22°
I would like to remind you that on Thursday the temperature here was 68 degrees. The poor trees and flowers are so confused, their blossoms and buds appearing only to wake up this morning to well below freezing temps. Mother nature has gone mad, perhaps a reflection of the current state of the United States. Here are some of the hints of spring that I saw last week, and hope can survive this cold snap!

26 thoughts on “Spring is NOT in the Air

  1. I live in the Va burbs of washington dc… as someone hoq can look back at the dates or things like flowers, turtles, and trees…. it’s just insane… everything is at least 2 weeks early some are more.


  2. Yeah, I know, right?? I just want to whisper to all those buds, go back, go back, it’s a joke!!

    What are those lovely white blossoms (second flower)? I love those.

    My primroses are all popping out everywhere. So far though, they have survived the spring snow and hail.


    • They are some kind of miniature Iris- both the purple and the grayish/white. The furry looking bush blooms I have no idea- look like Pussywillow but not the same stalk or buds!


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