Mr. Mockingbird-My Weekly Smile

I spent Friday morning with a friend at Wave Hill park in Riverdale NY. We were there a few weeks ago and I wrote about it here. It is a place that always makes me smile, and especially when the sun is shining and there was no one else on the grounds except for us!

There is a Mockingbird who lives there who never fails to greet us as we enter the grounds, and he did so once again . He seems to have little fear of people and comes fairly close while looking for food on the grass and paths. He was there this morning atop a tree, taking in the views of the Hudson River1

He then flew to the ground and said hello2


3and came in for his close up4As we left he was singing atop another tree, with a Blue Jay responding to his calls it seemed!  I look forward to seeing him again next time – he does always bring a smile. What made you smile this week?

8 thoughts on “Mr. Mockingbird-My Weekly Smile

  1. Your mockingbird made me smile. I think of a mockingbird as representative of my mom coming for a visit. It’s a long story as to why, but whenever one stops by I think she’s sending me a hello.


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