Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in March

I took an Astronomy course in high school- we were allowed to take an elective in 11th grade and seeing as I was not cut out for Chemistry or whatever else was offered, I chose Astronomy. I was always fascinated by the stars and the sky, the constellations. In the summer my father and I would watch the shooting stars on the lawn of my grandparent’s home in the country- the sky dark and not competing with city lights, allowing us a glimpse of them traveling across the sky.

In the astronomy class I learned about the phases of the moon. The moon waxes gibbous and wanes gibbous. The word gibbous refers to phases where the moon is more than half illuminated. Waxing essentially means “growing” or expanding in illumination, and waning means “shrinking” or decreasing in illumination.

When I saw gibbous was one of Paula’s choices for this week’s challenge I immediately thought of the moon.gibbous

Thursday’s Special

17 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in March

  1. Lisa: Nice post, as usual. I Recently bought my young grandson (who lives with his family about 90 minutes south of us) a small telescope, and he was diligently watching (on clear nights) throughout the first monthly cycle of the moon, and, of course, it’s phases. With Venus so prominent this past month, he glanced at it, through the telescope, and said he thought it was some sort of eclipse (We are traveling to NC this summer and talking to him about the Total Eclipse.) Thinking on why he said this, I explained that of the planets, only it and Mercury show phases like the moon, as seen from earth. An example is a pic I took many years ago, and seen here M 🙂


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