Fly Like An Eagle

There is a river near my home that many Eagles frequent-two of these Eagles have built a nest in a tree there. I took a walk along the river this morning and much to my delight saw a few of the locals- juvenile Eagles flying around. Their heads still brown, not white as when they mature, their feathers still an uneven brown. I am still trying to master the art of capturing birds in flight with my camera so this morning provided a great opportunity. The drawback was the morning sun shining brightly, which I loved, but found made it hard to get clear shots. Once again I found myself in awe watching these majestic birds take flight from a tree, their wings spread wide and so graceful as they flapped and then would coast along. Here are three of them.3eaglesflying

One of these guys doesn’t seem to be too happy with the other.2eaglescloseup

Many buildings sit behind the area near the river, this Eagle flies by pointing out the contrast between nature and man’s modern development infringing on their habitat.dscn9840


eagleflyingredoTaking a break and looking for breakfast


16 thoughts on “Fly Like An Eagle

  1. Most people don’t realize that American Eagles are water birds. They fish. And, they will steal you fish, something that is hilarious when you see it. They wait along the bigger rivers in the north of this state. When a fisherman pulls a big one out of the river, they dive and and grab it.

    NO ONE argues with an eagle. They want your fish? Give them your fish.


  2. I wanted to add to the other commenters and say how much I enjoy ALL your birds, Lisa.

    Today I think we should listen to

    while we read your terrific blog.

    I’m sure you know about the Decorah eagles, right? I have watched the site (live) for many years now and have so enjoyed each year’s story. I think there might be an egg or two already this year.


    • I did not know about the Decorah Eagles- thank you so much!!!! We have a local nest but with no webcam- this is great!!! ❤ and thanks for getting the musical reference in my title!! 😀


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