Nature vs First Grade

Working as an assistant all day in a classroom with 19 first grade boys can be exhausting. I am usually spent by days end. At the moment I am reevaluating if I want to continue doing what I am doing or look into other options. Am I burned out after 5 years in the classroom? Am I bored by doing the same thing year after year- stapling and collating and going over tens places and blends? Maybe a little bit of everything. I have become disillusioned by some of the people I work with, the administrators who exhibit less than “look up to” behaviors. Narrow mindedness and back stabbing. I don’t kid myself; I know wherever you go you may find these same problems.

I left work and needed an airing out so went home, changed my clothes, grabbed the camera and went to the pond. First thing I sawdscn9692

Hanging out on a branch overlooking the pond was an Eagle. Maybe the same one I saw the other day as he was in the same spot. Once again he allowed me to stand close to the branch he was on and capture his beauty up close. Quite a beak he’s got there.dscn9713


On the pond floated some ducks- Hooded Mergansers and Mallardshoodedmerganser


One Goose- all alone- I wondered where the usual flock was. I liked how the setting sun reflected on the water.dscn9706

Sunset approaching, I always love how  the bare trees look against the sky in winterdscn9720


As I turned to go I caught sight of what at first I thought was an Eagle, until I saw the long legs extended out behind and realized it was a Heron. I swung the camera toward the sky to see if I could capture him. It was blurry, but it made me smile to have captured the moment. 45 minutes and the nonsense of the day was forgotten and I was ready to head home renewed.


18 thoughts on “Nature vs First Grade

  1. I must not have managed to comment in a timely manner, Lisa. I did read this one!
    Eagles are amazing and one of the most magnificent of birds! Your job challenge is one which has to be weighed out, I suppose. Your benefits through helping children and special impact upon their lives versus peace of mind. As we grow older, the second part takes priority over the first one. Hope the decision is easily made and you find a better situation or just “retire” early. 🙂


  2. First graders can be exhausting. Five years of it? Rewarding and difficult at the same time, though the people you work with should make it easier, not more difficult. I’m glad the birds acted a diversion, even if only temporary.


  3. Let’s analyze this Dr Lisa–the Eagle means you need an eagle eye to look at what else is out there. The ducks in the water mean it is time to sail off into the sunset (that would be the next picture). The last picture means it is time to spread your wings and fly. I’m good at this, right?! 😀
    I feel the same way about my job–23 years later. Time to seriously re-evalute our options. This sounds like it has been a rough year for you. Signed, Dr Lois.

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